Oyade Deep Conditioner Honey Silk Treatment

Oyade Deep Conditioner Honey Silk Treatment

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Improve the health of each hair follicle while restoring Elasticity, Strength, Luster and Shine with our OYADE SIGNATURE DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT. This nutrient packed  Treatment, infused with plant base proteins, is also a

MUST to fight humidity and store moisture.

8oz bottle  4-6

Pre treatment

lightly shampoo hair

1. Pour treatment into microwave safe bowl and heat for 15-30 seconds.
2. Part hair into four sections using a comb or application brush.
3. Start with the back of your head, then work your way up and lastly the edges.
4. Distribute evenly with a wide tooth comb or fingers.
5. Leave treatment on your hair for 30 minutes (preferably under a dryer)
6. Rinse
Shampooing and Conditioning your hair. AS NORMAL
WARNING: This treatment will be hot directly from the microwave.