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Honey Replenish & Repair Complete System 🍯🍌

Honey Replenish & Repair Complete System 🍯🍌

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This set includes Replenish & Repair Honey Treatment 🍯🍌 and Replenish & Repair Shampoo ‘n Conditioner 🍯🍌. This system hydrates and nourishes the hair, leaving it looking and feeling softer, smoother, and more manageable. Whether you’re wearing your curls or a Silk press you will see immediate results. 


How to Use:

Detox with Hair and Scalp Detoxing Paste FIRST for optimal results!

1. Replenish & Repair Honey Treatment 🍯🍌

1. Heat treatment for 15-30 seconds.

2. Part hair into four sections using a comb or application brush.

3. Start with the back of your head, then work your way up, and lastly, the edges.

4. Distribute evenly with your fingers.

5. Wrap head/hair in a hot and wet towel.

5. Leave treatment (and towel) on your hair for 30 minutes (preferably under a dryer)

6. Rinse

2. Replenish & Repair Shampoo ‘n Conditioner 🍯🍌

1. When applying shampoo, make sure hair is saturated (very wet). Massage into hair and scalp —shampoo three times. 

2. Apply a quarter size of conditioner on hair. (make sure to apply to every strand) leave on for 10 minutes.



Oyade Tips:

Replenish & Repair Conditioner can be used as a leave-in conditioner. Use dime size (only do when wearing hair in natural style) 

You can also use Replenish & Repair Conditioner for co-washing in between shampoos. 

1•first apply our Pre Rosemary Honey Treatment . About 25-30 mins 

2•Then go in a with out Moisture Please Shampoo.  

3• Deep Condition about 15 mins with our Deep penetrating Honey Conditioner. 

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