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Curly Girl Foam

Curly Girl Foam

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Curly Girl Foam is a game-changer when it comes to styling natural hair, as it is expertly formulated with nourishing ingredients like aloe, honey, and flaxseed. This foam provides all the benefits of a traditional styling product, but without the heaviness or sticky residue.

The key ingredient, aloe, is deeply moisturizing and helps to retain moisture in the hair, promoting hydration and softness. Honey, on the other hand, is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts and retains moisture from the environment, keeping your curls well-hydrated and frizz-free. Lastly, flaxseed is rich in omega fatty acids that help to strengthen hair, promote healthy growth, and enhance its natural shine.

With Curly Girl Foam, you can achieve salon-quality results at home, displaying your natural curls with confidence. Experience the nourishing power of aloe, honey, and flaxseed, and let your hair speak for itself. Embrace your beautiful, natural hair and discover the endless possibilities with Curly Girl Foam.

Wash & Go: How To Use
To use Curly Girl Foam, start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. After lightly towel-drying, divide your hair into small sections. Shake the foam bottle well and dispense a small amount onto your palm. Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the foam, and then apply it to each section of your hair, from roots to tips. Be sure to scrunch and squeeze the foam into your curls, encouraging their natural shape and definition.

For extra volume, you can use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer, gently lifting the roots while drying. Alternatively, if you prefer air drying, let your hair dry naturally. Once your hair is completely dry, gently scrunch out any crunchiness from the foam to reveal soft, bouncy, and defined curls.

Twist Out: How To Use

1. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Make sure your hair is detangled and free of any knots or tangles.
2. Take a small section of your hair that you want to twist. The size of the section can vary depending on how thick or thin you want your twists to be.
3. Shake the Curly Girl Foam bottle well to ensure the ingredients are properly mixed.
4. Dispense a small amount of foam onto your palm. The exact amount will depend on the length and thickness of your hair; start with a small amount and add more as needed.
5. Rub your hands together to distribute the foam evenly.
6. Apply the foam to the section of hair you want to twist, making sure to coat it from root to tip. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to distribute the foam evenly.
7. With your fingers or a comb, separate the section of hair into two strands.
8. Begin twisting the two strands together, crossing one over the other while keeping the twist tight and close to the scalp.
9. As you continue twisting, add more foam to the strands if needed to keep them well-coated.
10. Repeat the twisting process with each section of hair until your entire head is twisted.
11. Once all the twists are done, you can either let your hair air dry or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to speed up the drying process.
12. Once your hair is completely dry and the twists are set, gently unravel each twist to reveal beautifully defined curls or waves.
13. To add extra shine and control any frizz, you can lightly apply a small amount of Oya-Lux Serum to your fingertips and carefully separate and fluff your twists.

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