How to Achieve the Perfect Two Strand Twist Out

How to Achieve the Perfect Two Strand Twist Out

As any natural with 4C hair can testify, it can be challenging to achieve the perfect two strand twist out. It takes a lot of patience and the right technique to create well-defined twists (with root to tip texture consistency) that last. With the best practices and tools, anyone can achieve a fabulous two strand twist out on their hair.


Step 1: Start With Clean Hair

It’s essential to start with clean, detangled hair. Shampoo your hair (with a gentle, non sulfate shampoo), in sections, then apply a deep conditioner to help soften and detangle your curls. Rinse out the deep conditioner as you gently detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb (or BASS brush) under the pressure of the shower stream. Re-apply deep conditioner and repeat this process as many times as necessary until the knots are gone!


Step 2: Moisturize Your Hair

The key to achieving well-defined two strand twist outs is to keep your hair moisturized. Apply Hydromist and Daily Moisturizer, to your hair to help seal in moisture.


Step 3: Section Your Hair

Section your hair into small, workable parts. Use hair clips to separate your hair into sections, and start with the back sections before moving to the front. It’s important to work with small sections to ensure each twist is well-defined.


Step 4: Twist Your Hair

To create a two strand twist, divide your hair into two equal parts. Take one section of your hair, and twist it around the other section of your hair. Twist all the way to the end of your hair, and use a small perm rod or flexi rod to secure the end. Continue twisting until all of your hair is twisted. Some great styling products to consider are Silk & Twist, Flaxseed Curly Girl Gel and Shea Avocado Bamboo Butter.


Step 5: Dry Your Hair

Once you have twisted all of your hair, it’s time to let it dry. Allow your hair to air dry or use a hooded dryer to speed up the drying process. Be patient and let your hair dry completely to ensure your twist out lasts for a few days.


Step 6: Unravel Your Twists

Once your hair is dry, it’s time to unravel your twists. Start by applying Oya-Lux Serum to your hands to help reduce frizz. Gently unravel each twist and separate your curls to create volume. The more you separate, the bigger your hair will be. If you prefer a more defined look, manipulate and separate less– in a few days it’ll fluff out on its own!


Step 7: Style Your Hair

Once your hair is fully unraveled, style it as desired. You can wear your hair out in a twist out, or put it up in a protective style. There are many options to choose from, such as a high puff, half up half down or a messy bun.

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