Hydromist Sunflower Baobab 💦
Hydromist Sunflower Baobab 💦

Hydromist Sunflower Baobab 💦

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This hydrating spray detangles, smoothes fly aways and tames frizz while replenishing and renewing bonds. This formula acts as a leave-in conditioner and a styling aid to hydrate, detangle, redefine curls and protect hair against environmental attacks. Mist on wet or dry hair.

Baobab Protein: Hair Repair & Damage Recovery
Rice Curl Complex: Protects & Enhances Curl Retention
NutraSilk: Moisture Binding & Hydrating

Spray 3/5 pumps on hair everyday. (pressed hair. Extend your arm, not to spray close on hair.) 


Advanced Tip: ⤵️

Hydro Press: hydro mist can add more hydration to hair. Lightly spray on hair and press. 


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