Oyade Celebrates 16th Anniversary of Honey Hair Treatment with BeeReplenished & the #BeeProject

Oyade Celebrates 16th Anniversary of Honey Hair Treatment with BeeReplenished & the #BeeProject

Oyade Plant-based Hair Care, a leading brand in natural hair care products, is excited to celebrate the 16th anniversary of our highly acclaimed Honey Silk Treatment. In honor of this milestone, the treatment will be renamed as BeeReplenished and accompanied by a month-long event called the #BeeProject. During August 2023, Oyade aims to engage and empower you to explore the positive impact that using natural ingredients has on your natural curls, while offering complimentary BeeReplenished hair treatments and special discounts.


The BeeReplenished Hair Treatment

The BeeReplenished hair treatment has garnered a reputation as an exceptional solution for hair revitalization. Boasting a formulation enriched with natural ingredients like honey, bananas, silk amino, and jojoba oil, it offers remarkable benefits for nourishing and reinvigorating hair from within. With this treatment, Oyade ensures that you achieve healthy and lustrous hair that reflects your inner beauty.


The Bee Project

Throughout the month of August, Oyade will embark on the #BeeProject, which serves as a platform to educate, inspire, and empower you regarding the benefits of plant-based hair care. The project aims to cultivate curiosity by encouraging you to explore the your hair’s individual needs, as well as the positive impact of using natural ingredients for yyour hair's overall health.


Furthermore, the #BeeProject highlights the importance of being educated about the choices we make for our hair care routine. Oyade will provide valuable information and resources, including tips, tutorials, and interactive sessions, to help you make informed decisions about your hair care needs. By understanding the science behind plant-based ingredients and hair health, you can embark on a journey towards optimal hair wellness.


Oyade's Commitment to Empowerment

At the heart of the #BeeProject lies Oyade's commitment to empowering you. By encouraging persistence, Oyade aims to inspire you to persevere in your journey towards healthier hair. Through the #BeeProject, you will discover the transformative effects that BeeReplenished can have on your individual hair concerns.


BeeReplenished Hair Treatment Offers

As part of the #BeeProject, Oyade will offer FREE BeeReplenished hair treatments to clients who visit Oyade Hair & Scalp Spa. This exceptional opportunity allows individuals to experience the benefits of the treatment firsthand and witness the remarkable results for themselves. Alongside this, Oyade will provide a special discount on the BeeReplenished hair treatment exclusively for online customers. This gesture aims to make the treatment accessible to a wider audience and promote the benefits of plant-based hair care solutions.


The 16th anniversary of Oyade's Honey Hair Treatment brings about a renewed celebration with the rechristening of the treatment as BeeReplenished. The accompanying #BeeProject empowers clients and customers to take an active interest in their hair care routine, embrace natural ingredients, and appreciate the remarkable benefits they offer. With complimentary BeeReplenished treatments for clients and discounted prices for online customers, the BeeProject is an opportunity for individuals to unlock their hair's true potential while indulging in Oyade's plant-based hair care expertise.



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